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Photo by Inger Louise

INGER SANDVIK - AQUACULTURE BY SERENDIPITY There is a lot of thought and processes that happen before a fish produced via aquaculture can reach our table. Sometimes fish farms can take up to 5 years in the building process before they can bring their first fish in. And even though as a recruiter I knew […]

Partner with new RAS facility

Alde Akva is proud to be a partner with a new RAS facility in Kårvik. Retrieved from: The consulting company Alde Akva has been an important partner and advisor in the work with our new research center within RAS technology. The company has contributed with optimized and cost-effective processes in collaboration with our project group which consists of the Aquaculture Station, our owners UiT Norway […]

About managing your own workday

- IT'S ABOUT managing your own working day, says Eirik Østerhaug and looks at his colleagues for many years, Kjell-Torodd Bremskau and Geir Ingolf Strand.

New start Alde Akva invests in aquaculture

From left Eirik Østerhaug, Kjell-Torodd Fitjar Bremskau and Geir Ingolf Strand in Alde Akva who have now started up. Photo: Alde Akva New start Alde Akva invests in aquaculture The new company is currently starting up at the plant in Stord in the incubator premises of Atheno AS. Read more here:

New start Alde Akva invests in aquaculture

Three colleagues are now investing as a new competence supplier within land-based and closed facilities for smolt and food fish. In their luggage, they have over 50 years of experience and complimentary knowledge of the aqua industry. Read more here: