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Kjell-Torodd Fitjar Bremskau


About Kjell-Torodd

Kjell-Torodd holds a CAD technical education and has 20 years of experience with various well-knowned 3D tools. He possesses extensive expertise gained from diverse projects, serving roles such as CAD operator and leading digital coordinator since 2002. Over the past decade, Kjell-Torodd has dedicated his skills to drafting, designing, and 3D illustrating land-based aquaculture facilities, encompassing both Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and flow-through systems.


Geir Ingolf Strand

Senior Advisor

About Geir Ingolf

Geir has an engineering degree in environmental and aquaculture technology, and he has been working with fish and aquaculture since completing his education. With experience in hatcheries, grow-out facilities, and within research and advisory environments, he has gained extensive expertise across various species and aspects of aquaculture projects.

Eirik Østerhaug

Senior Advisor

About Eirik

Eirik has a master’s degree in technical and biological aquaculture and has been working in aquaculture since 1998. He has designed multiple research facilities and has been involved in several closed sea-based production units. Additionally, he has experience in surveying and mass calculations.


Benedict Tveit

CFO & Project Manager

About Benedikte

Benedikte has a master’s degree in business administration from NHH in Bergen. She has over 6 years experience with project management, and has focused extensively on strategy and business development, showcasing strong analytical skills. Benedikte has previously taken on the responsibility of leading complex projects with multiple stakeholders and in the past 2,5 years she has also been involved in project development within the aquaculture sector.


Inger Louise Sandvik

Technical drawing

About Inger Louise

Inger Louise is an engineer with a specialization in technical planning. She has been involved in planning and profile drawings of trenches, along with detailed drawings of manholes, and preparing specifications for tender processes within water and wastewater (VA). In recent years, she has focused on the design and modeling of land-based hatchery facilities, showcasing strong expertise in 3D modeling and drawing production.

Emil Andre Skjerping

Senior Advisor

About Emil

Emil has previously been working as an operations manager at a production facility with an annual delivery of 5 million smolt. He brings practical experience in the operation of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), along with expertise in the process of building and establishing processing facilities. Emil possesses strong professional knowledge and works as an advisor in Alde Akva AS’s projects.

Andrine Bakken


About Andrine

Andrine is a graduate aquaculture engineer from NTNU in Trondheim. Her degree focuses on operations and maintenance, with students acquiring extensive knowledge of fish biology and the aquaculture industry as a whole. Since spring 2022, Andrine has held a part-time position at Alde Akva AS AS, contributing to tasks such as calculations, design, and work related to NS 9416 and reports.

Martin Ramstad

Advisor & project manager

About Martin

Martin has certifications as an electrician and marine electrician. The last 12 years he has been involved in numerous large and small projects within the offshore industry, aquaculture, and transportation sectors.

Martin possesses strong interdisciplinary expertise in technical fields, groundwork, concrete, and particularly in project administration and construction management. This provides valuable contributions both in the design and execution phases.

Additionally, Martin has experience in designing several hatchery facilities, overseeing projects from concept to realization.

Kjetil Sævareid

BIM technician

About Kjetil

Kjetil is a qualified BIM technician. He possesses strong expertise in 3D modeling and drawing production.

Kjetil contributes to the design and modeling of land-based aquaculture facilities in various projects.

Additionally, he serves as a BIM coordinator, ensuring effective Building Information Modeling coordination within the projects.