Alde Akva has more than 50 years of experience in initiating, planning and implementing projects in the fishing and aquaculture industry. As an independent consulting company, we ensure optimal and cost-effective processes from preliminary projects and detailed projects to fully approved and commissioned facilities. As a complementary player, Alde Akva is a powerful and efficient resource for the client, suppliers and design companies in aquaculture.

The people behind

Kjell-Torodd Fitjar Bremskau

General manager / CAD specialist

48 95 87 89

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About Kjell-Torodd

Kjell-Torodd has a CAD technical education and has 20 years of experience with several reputable 3D tools. Extensive experience from various projects in roles as CAD operator and leading digital coordinator since 2002.

He has spent the last 10 years drawing, designing and 3D-illustrating land-based aquaculture facilities, both RAS systems and throughput. In his project roles, and in good collaboration with skilled colleagues, he has gained good competence and understanding of construction and aquatechnical solutions.

He has also had roles as IT manager, responsible for quality systems and BIM roles with a high focus on workflow and digital structure. With Norwegian as mother tongue, Swedish and Danish are also well understood, with good oral and written English. He is interested in cars, architecture and design and enjoys physical activity and exercise.

Kjell-Torodd is married and has 2 children.

Geir Ingolf Strand

Senior Advisor Aquaculture, B.Sc

95 75 74 81

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About Geir

Geir has a degree in environmental and aquaculture technology and has written a master's thesis in appetite-controlled feeding systems.

From the research environment, he has broad experience from marine species to aquaculture, as well as training responsibilities for apprentices in the same workplace. From technical guards, he has worked with pumping stations, energy systems and filter systems for seawater and freshwater.

A special interest in aquaculture also meant that for a period in 2004 he volunteered in Central America with extensive fish farming for freshwater shrimp and fish.

From a consultant position, he has a wide range of drawings, engineering and analyzes for aquaculture systems. Preparation of preliminary projects, tender document, competition implementation, evaluation and contracting. Professional responsibility and follow-up of internal organization and customer during design, construction phase and completion.

As a contractor, he has had roles as a project engineer and project manager with follow-up of draftsmen and customers. The scope of work has included contract design, budgets, engineering, purchasing, reception control, control of installation phases etc.

Geir has a great commitment to choosing the right solutions and further developing solutions for practical and modern hatcheries.

Eirik Østerhaug

Senior Advisor to Aquaculture, M.Sc

95 25 60 67

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About Eirik

Eirik has a master's degree in technical and biological aquaculture. He has a certificate in aquaculture where he worked on both sea and land facilities, as well as with experiments. He has been working in aquaculture since he began targeted studies in 1998.

The combination of practical operation and theory provides good insight into how facilities are operated, and what makes a facility good to work at. Logistics and user-friendliness are qualities he attaches to facilities.

Since joining Akvator in 2011, much of the focus has been on RAS and 3D modeling. For KrugerKaldnes, he was involved in the design, detailed engineering, construction, commissioning and training of RAS facilities.

For the past ten years, he has designed and projected hatcheries of all types. He has written several production, licensing and water abstraction applications, participated in regulatory work and prepared production plans.

Eirik has also designed several research facilities, and been involved in several closed production units at sea. He has also conducted surveys and mass calculations. Norwegian is the mother tongue, and he is fluent in written and oral English.

Eirik is married to Marlen, and they run a farm in Sveio. They have one child together. He is a hunter, outdoorsman and dog man.

Photo by Inger Louise

Inger Louise Sandvik

Engineer B.Sc, Aquaculture

90 47 80 19

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About Inger

Inger Louise has good expertise in 3D modeling and drawing production.

Within VA, she has worked with floor plans and profile drawings of ditches with accompanying detailed drawings of manholes, as well as descriptions for tender rounds.

Within Akva, Inger Louise has worked with the design and modeling of land-based hatcheries. She has also worked with flow charts and drawings for escape technical reports.

She provides added value in assignments with accurate work, professional insight and good collaboration skills with customers.

Alde Akva has more than 50 years of experience in initiating, planning and implementing projects in the fishing and aquaculture industry.